MORJA is a Slovenian based brand giving second chances to the forgotten, deadstock textiles, waste materials and preloved second hand clothes, by upcycling and reconstructing them into new items to save them from landfill.

The core of MORJA are colourful patchworks of everyday emotion in a pattern mix-match.

All items are handmade by me, Zala Hrastar in my little home workshop in a tiny slovenian village.

Morja represents patchwork of everything that I dream of, think of and believe in. Morja spreads kindness, good vibrations, positivity and encourages people to a more environmental conscious way of living with our Mother Earth. Constantly improving and growing.

I aim to produce guality items with lots of patience, love and with respect for the material that carries thousand stories and waits for a thousand more with you.

Curently interested in combining waste textiles, digital & paper collage illustrations, photography, poetry and melodies into new life for new opportunities and new smiles.

I am open for collaborations, so don't hesitate to contact me. ✿


Photography award by Čist FreeŠn x Urša Premik 2022 - Caroline Freja

BIG SEE: Where Life is Creativity - PERSPECTIVE 2021: fashion design

STYLO fashion show 2021 winner

HELMUT fashion photography open call 2021 finalist

HELMUT exhibition in collaboration with TAMTAM street posters

Photography award by Čist FreeŠn x MagoaMagazine 2020 - Svetloba preteklosti / Light Of The Past

Photography award by Čist FreeŠn x 100toes 2021 - Lahkotnost bivanja / The Lightness Of Being

100 toes x New Edge Magazine; open call for artist KARANTENA finalist – digital collage poetry illustration


Etični potrošnik, Zakaj je meni mar kaj dam nase in zakaj bi moralo biti tudi tebi?

Reconsidered textile stories to protect the Earth; Hype and Hyper

Obleka naredi človeka; dobre prakse

editorial CVETKA in Magoa Magazine

editorial ROZALIJA in NEW EDGE Magazine

editorial WHERE IS MY MARTINI in Magoa Magazine

Editorial by Urška Premik - Zalagasper (wearing my patchwork sweaters and shirts)

MAG3.0a There is no future without the past: interview Zala Hrastar x Anita Miklavčič

Photography Editorial FUZIJA for Ema Uršič and Ela Mejač in Magoa Magazine

EXIBITIONS & Fashion shows

Ljubljana Fashion Week 2022 ‘The Future Begins Now - Development and future of sustainable ways’ exhibition, Velana Living, Ljubljana

ECO Fashion Week ‘Čez 7 let vse prav pride’ exhibition, Mladi za podnebno pravičnost (MZPP), Maribor 2022

Grøn Expo, Think Tank on Circular Growth exhibition, Kolding, Denmark 2022

Copenhagen Recycling Fashion Week, Københavns Kommune, Copenhagen, Denmark 2022

ŽIVLJENJE JE PALETA BARV / LIFE IS A PALETTE OF COLOURS independent exhibition, Ljubljana 2021

STYLO fashion show, st. Frančišek Asiški hall, Koper 2021 (winner)

Festival of Innovative Developers, Beyond Limits Berlin, 2021

HELMUT exhibition, fashion photography open call finalist 2021, Ljubljana, TamTam posters

Sprehod med spomini, Textile art biennial BIEN 2021; Layer house, Kranj, 2021

ŠTUMFI, Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana 2020

PONDEK x VELANA, Salon Velana Living, Ljubljana 2020

STYLO fashion show finalist, st. Frančišek Asiški hall, Koper 2019

KO-LAB fashion show, MAO Ljubljana 2019

Heimtextil textile fair, Frankfurt 2019

NTF x ŠKUC Ljubljana 2017, 2018, 2019

Spominek na Ivano, The National Gallery Ljubljana 2018

Poletna promenada fashion show, Trebnje 2017 and 2018

Ljubljana Fashion Week fashion show 2017, 2018


2020 / Graduated in fashion and textile design from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at University in Ljubljana.

2020/2021 - / Enrolled in MA program at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at University in Ljubljana

2022 / Design School Kolding, Textile Design programme, Denmark, Erasmus+ Exchange programme


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