Model: Ana and Primož Godec
Photo: Zala Hrastar
Styling: Zala Hrastar

Ana is my older sister, ex-roomie and with Primož at her side as her husband; my favourite brother-in-law (I’m sorry Franci, you are awesome too) - a great role model to relationship, adventurous exploration and lifestyle.

Ana & Primož // Currently I am finishing my master’s degree in Cognitive Science and Primož works as a programmer; mainly dealing with neural networks. Basically, we could say neurons connect us! And lately we both were occupied with our new project - setting up a website about different medicinal herbs and flowers, that you can find in nature and use to ease some problems of yours; describing their effects on health and most important information needed for collecting them. Our webpage is super user-friendly; you only click on a tag of what bothers you and you will be served with all flowers that can help with your problem. It is in Slovene and you can check it at Naberi čaj

In the last two years we are really trying to live a zero-waste life as much as possible and think about our Mother Nature; we ride bikes in Ljubljana all the time, we have our own garden where we grow our vegetables and also store them for the winter, we avoid using plastic packaging and use a textile shopping bag. There still is a lot that can be done and we are learning and trying to be better everyday.

Otherwise we love being outdoors; caring for our garden, going on longer hikes, collecting flowers on the way and then sleeping in a tent. For us this is an escape from our comfortable life, to reset our minds.


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