BTS_Life is a Palette of Colors

It was the last weekend in October 2021, an early Sunday morning when fog took us in, hugged us and hid us from the eyes of the bypassers on a near-by road. It was cold and the grass glittered in the morning dew. But our hearts were filled with joy and hope. It was exciting, it was something new.

I was a little bit nervous with all the preparations that I’ve already gone through. To find a perfect location, organize the artists, prepare food and drinks, snacks, get together a group of 13 people on the set, organize the day timetable and other details, I still didn’t know what to expect on the big day. My mind was full of questions. How do I do this? I’ve never done such a big project with so many people involved. How do I keep the good vibes and make everyone satisfied? Please, please, the weather be good to us. Do we have enough hand/feet warmers? What am I doing? What do we shoot now? Anyone want some tea? Gosh you are all soaking wet!

And all eyes pointed at me. What now Zala? Breathe in. Breathe out. Thanks to the most amazing team possible, who kept encouraging me and giving me positivity back, their shiny smiling souls and dancing feet kept me going. And then the sun showed up, cleared the sky and warmed us up. A little bit. Some more running in the fields, hugging trees and goofing around. The sun stayed with us till the early evening, when it slowly kissed us goodbye and showered us with golden light. The most perfect end to the day, I’d say.

I remember falling down in my bed in the late evening, after such a long day, so darn tired, but at the same time feeling so much joy and happiness. Gratitude. We did it. We. Did. It. After such a long year of just thinking of what could have been, almost giving it all up once, and then the final result is a hundred times better than expected. And this is just a reminder that things will be hard, especially when done for the first time, but great things can be done with a team of amazing people alongside, so fear no more. And the future is bright, so just keep going.

Thank you Anja for capturing these behind the scenes, so that now, looking back I can recall the moments all over again.

With love, Morja Zala

Watch a slow fashion film starring Špela Košir, Kresna Dara, Maja Gazvoda, Dana Rohkeus Verč, Zala Maja Ravnihar

Directed and Produced by Zala Hrastar | Executive Producer Tilen Račič

Music composer, sound record and edit Aljaž Hrastar

Clothing Morja Zala | (Shirt) illustrations Jovana Đukić | Accessories Enja Grabrijan

Hair and MUA artist Špela Hudobivnik˙ & Dana Rohkeus Verč

1st assistant Ana Krklec | Styling assistant Ela Mejač | Set assistant: Rebeka Pajek | BTS and set assistance: Anja Papuga


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