Exhibition_Life is a Palette of Colors

‘Hey, we should present this project in a gallery or something, whatcha think?’ was a thought outspoken on the 23rd of October, the day of the shooting. ‘Oh yeah, that would be brilliant!’

On the 13th of December of 2021, the opening of exhibition and premiere of a slow fashion film titled Life is a Palette of Colors took place at the Showroom Gallery space GT31 in Ljubljana. I am beyond grateful to all the people who took time to come around, I wasn’t expecting such a wide reach, but not a single day I was there alone. Thank you for all the sweet and encouraging words. It was lovely watching you, watching our work. Talking to you about life. Sharing thoughts, sometimes fears, dreams and hopes. Thank you so much for the support.

Thank you Ela and Rebeka for helping me with setting up the exhibition place. Thank you Nataša for the place! Thank you Marko for the best quality photo prints I could ask for. Thank you Aljaž for providing me with the video projector. Thank you Rok for making the wooden stands for clothes.

Below you can find captured moments from the opening of the exhibition taken by Miha Skrt and some more taken in the daylight by me.

Upcycled second hand clothes into new wearable items by Morja Zala.

Hand illustrated and embroidered art by Jovana Đukić on an upcycled shirt by Morja Zala.

Handmade crochet earrings by Enja Grabrijan.

Photography work by Zala Hrastar

Illustrated cards by Jovana Đukić.

A slow fashion film projected on the wall.

Photography work by Anja Papuga.


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