In today’s post I want to share with you some of my thoughts about textiles and how I came up with the idea of making my happy colourful scrunchies.

I love everything colourful and patterned; I love mix and matching colours and patterns. The more the merrier.

It’s a way of expressing my thoughts, my emotions, they are usually all over the place. Sometimes I have so many ideas of what all I can do, what all I can make and it’s hard for me to decide where to start. Because I’m quite impatient at times, I want most things to happen the same second I think of them - this is one of my strong characteristics that I’m not yet sure how I feel about it.

Well it’s not all bad, because it’s also what pushes me to not wait for the last moment to start projects and makes me finish things. But it’s how I am and I’m learning to control this impatient part. Breathe in, breathe out.

So back to textiles; whenever I sew anything I save all the little bits and cuts of material that is left and I sort them by size into different boxes. From slightly bigger ones that can be used with bigger products, to small and tiny ones that can be used for smaller projects. And while I do other things, my brain subconsciously thinks about all other possibilities, so when an idea approaches and when a decent amount of cut off textiles is gathered, I go and transform my idea into a realized product.

I think I made quite a few scrunchies before, but I always kept losing them and I was never really satisfied with them. It’s not that they were boring because they were made from one colour/pattern, it’s just that they didn’t have that feel good vibe. They were just plain scrunchies.

So one day an idea of patchwork scrunchie popped in my mind and I just had to bring it to life.

I really like making these little colourful collages. It’s kind of a meditation for me, sewing little pieces together like a puzzle.

It’s not only that I give opportunity to all small bits and pieces, by giving them new value I also remember my past projects with them. Recalling preloved memories.

Moreover these colourful patchwork scrunchies also stand for importance of all little bits and pieces, tiny actions and petite gestures - in life, nature and relationships.

It’s what makes our days more valuable, you know. Enjoying the little parts that create a whole new, bigger picture. It is true that we sometimes hurry too much towards bigger goals, but don’t forget about the journey and the people you meet along. Look for the bright moon in the dark nights, you will realize they are not dark at all. And the sun is always there, just a little bit further away, but it’s there. And you will be okay. You will be better than okay.

Take care,


*if you wish to have a patchwork scrunchie of your own, you can purchase it in my online store


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