Model: Kresna Dara
Photo: Zala Hrastar
Styling: Zala Hrastar

I met Kresna a few years ago, such a lovely human being. Catching the last summer rays, we walked down the old streets of Ljubljana to capture these moments and talk about all different topics.

Kresna // When was the last time you observed the stars? Or sunset? Isn’t nature just beautiful? How everything is connected; everything has a purpose. It is so beautiful to care for it, to care for ourselves.

When visiting Morocco, I saw trash and plastic everywhere; but people live there in such poverty, caring for pollution is probably their last thought. Maybe because of lack of education they don’t even know the consequences.

So I feel grateful, being educated to know what I can do to play my part for a better future. Just having your own glass water-bottle and a reusable textile shopping bag is a step forward! I know it can be very time consuming to plan your zero-waste steps and in some cases also expensive.

But being balanced and doing best you can do in your own abilities - that should drive you on! Start with small steps and don’t be harsh to yourself.

Actually; we all could use some love and support from each other in this process.

Kresna is wearing an upcycled knitwear top; material is from a local knitting studio and couldn’t be used in the further production because of some small yarn mistakes


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