Model: Maja Gazvoda
Photo: Zala Hrastar
Styling: Zala Hrastar

Maja is such a lovely, sunny person. I love talking to her about anything, she is very positive and encouraging, just gives me the boost to keep going. And not to mention - working with her is always so much fun! She really has a heart at that right spot.

Regardless of coming from nearby places, I only remember meeting her later in high school when we both presented one of our first designs on a charity fashion show. And then our world slowly started to interwine. And I will always be grateful for knowing her.

Maja / I am interested in many different things; I love meeting new people, designing and experiencing things that have a positive impact on environment or the people around me.

The most important matter to me are relationships; choosing the right people for yourself and then intentionally nurturing the relationship. A good relationship to me is when people give to each other, and not only take. And when you give good out, good returns. Because who you are with, has a big impact on how you think, act, behave - so choose people you like being around wisely, people who influence positively on your mindset.

I value honesty, family, imagination, openness, friends, learning … Staying on the level of being open to learning new things; always leaving a room for new knowledge - having a reason to keep you going, always setting up new goals. Always being curious.

I love working in a team where we share our values despite coming from different fields of interests; being a part of Beesmetic trio, I really learned what it means to learn and grow together as a team; the importance of listening and encouraging one another. It contributes to our personal growth too; we actually set up our own little library - each buys specific books and then we share them with each other so we all get knowledge from different fields of study.

Coming from the artistic fields, I find the process of research and development very interesting; at one moment you are super excited and the next moment you don’t really know what the heck you are doing. This constant changeable curve; but you know when you are down you gotta focus on the solution and the only way forward is up! But you gotta keep in mind that not every project is gonna be super great and awesome; you just gotta finish it and not overthink too much. Then make room for new ones. Not every thing is gonna be an innovation or is gonna change the world. What matters at the end is the sum of everything you do, all the important lessons you learned on the way. All the people you met and worked with.

I’ve heard a lot about having a rutine; either morning or evening. I must admit, I don’t have one just yet and I also don’t wanna worry about it too much, even though I know it is good to have one – I understand it as a discipline. And when you are disciplined at one thing, you can get disciplined at other too… I am working on establishng an evenig rutine – not scrolling through smart phone, but reading a book before sleep instead. And most importantly, going to bed earlier! It would also be amazing if I woke up with my first alarm, and not snoozing it over and over.

Once I read a really good quote – ‘‘You are responsible for everything good or bad that happens to you in your life.’’ Yes, it is your responsibility wether you are gonna be lazy today or are you gonna make the day count. Everything we do, has consequences. So I always try to remind myself of it.

When I was 15, I started writing a blog. I was under pressure of beliving I already missed everything, so I had to start writing ASAP. But I had no idea what I was really doing, only later I realised a blog has to have one cohesive thread. I wrote a lot in the beginning, but then it all started to resent to me and I stopped. I realised I was only doing it for other people, It felt as an obligation. Only when I cleared it out with myself, why I am doing it, I started to enjoy it again. To me it is a space where I put out my thinking, my creating. When I’m inspired, I just write and write. It’s not my primary thing, but I like to share with the world something I am proud of there. And when this also interests other people, it’s only a plus. So yeah, I didn’t give up on it. But I opened up to myself, and my honesty led me to another level.

So my advice to you is to be honest with yourself, in what you do and in the relationships you have. Be clear with yourself in what you want. Having a clear communication of what you feel and see. Let the words match with your actions, learn to present your ideas with words. And be confident in what you do, always.


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