Hello dear reader, I’m Zala, the creator of Morja and today, with my first official blog post, I will turn the time back to March 2020, when the second chapter of my Morja journey began.

I’ve just started a new job position as a film costume designer assistant and got used to it, when the lockdown happened. I guess we all remember that Friday the 13th? If you are superstitious, the date is right on point huh?

Well after three and a half years of living in Ljubljana, I moved back home from student dorms and since I had a year off, with no university work to do, a little bit sad with the situation of not being able to have a super great year of freedom and all the possibilities there are in a normal situation, I started watching TV series to fly my mind away.

But after a week or so I got bored of it all, fiiiiiinally finding my passion for creating at home again (when moving to Ljubljana, I set my creative space there, so whenever at home I mostly took time off to do other things in relation to home chores and I just couldn’t bring myself to creating other stuff).

Now with actually a lot more free time than before, when working three to four students jobs at once to get new experiences and also saving for my planned praxis abroad (that did not happen due to we know what), I started cleaning and sorting my materials. I was collecting all sorts of cuts and pieces since primary school, and decided to make myself one huge patchwork quilt, with which I can cover a double bed – I was making it for a week or so, but to be honest I haven’t finished it (not very Zala like) – still need to do the decorative quilt stitches. But since I don’t really have a double sized bed yet, I have time.

After (not) finishing the quilt, I found some stretchy textile cut-offs and was able to make myself my favourite patch. I persuaded mom to take some pictures and even when asking me if I have enough photos now, after every shot she took, I think she had fun too. And we did have a few more photoshoots later for fun.

I entered a photography contest Freešn x Magoa and won first prize, and was selected amongst 10 artists in Karantena opencall from 100 toes x New Edge with my illustrated poetry collage. I got a recipe for a buckwheat porridge cake from my sister, which became my favourite cake to bake – so fresh and juicy. I baked my first marble cake and picked a lot of flowers for tea with mom. I started improvising on the piano and wrote a few songs.

I graduated from home, which was a crazy pleasant experience and I recommend it 10/10 – felt like speaking to myself while having a lovely company of friends and family for support. Stil I hope I can present my MA live, when I get to that point. I also had a lovely upcycled shirts collaboration with Nana and made two wedding dresses, for friends getting married.

I participated in an University project ŠIPK and got to exhibit my upcycled cushions made from waste socks in the Ethnographical Museum. I started planning and creating for one of my biggest projects so far, but due to pandemic couldn’t realize it just yet – It made me sad at first, but now I know it’s okay because I can be even more prepared and do it all better, really think it through and I really can’t wait for the day to arrive. Really really truly.

I also started a personal project called Portraits and got to meet some lovely people. I started creating my little home studio in my brother’s ex-room, to where I moved most of my materials and my machines. There is still a lot of work to do, but I got this.

To me, the last year will be one of the most memorable in a good way; thanks to my family support and all the free time I was able to create more than ever before and I am beyond grateful for that.

There were and still are times that are tough and I feel terrible and super unmotivated for anything, but there are times I get so much energy and everything seems possible. I’m still learning and growing, trying to not be too harsh with myself for the things I can’t change or for the things I can’t control. Because I know, the sun will shine sooner or later and I will be fine as long as I have my common sense, and my dear family and friends.

In the beginning of June, with enormous help of my brother-in-law Primož, my online portfolio came into the light of the world and we agreed on developing the site with time, going step by step. After half a year, I decided to expand the content, to give myself more freedom with my work. Another thing that has been on my wish list for a loooooong long time, was setting up an online shop so I can share my work with you too.

This is also a big big thank you to you Primož; I’m really grateful for you – making my wishes come to life, helping me create my webpage the way I wanted it. I know coding to you is like sewing for me; doing most of it with ease – but with the skills each has, we can help one another.

So yeah, this is also kind of an announcement of my soon-to-be open online shop, for what I’ve been working on in the past months. Thanks to Maša; her guidance & support - building a sound foundation, I am making my steps into the future I wish to live.

With Morja I wish to create a community of open minded people, who are not afraid to show their beautiful patchworks of emotion, share positivity and courage. Morja is for everyone who cares for a better and greener today, tomorrow. Taking small steps, day after day.

Products by Morja are made using second hand clothes, vintage materials, deadstock textiles, waste and textile cut-offs, sometimes old paper and other stuff that cross my path; all with the intention to prolong their life and save them from landfill. Every item carries a story and with you creates new memories.

When is the opening of the shop you may ask? Planned on the 6th of March; so fingers crossed + if you wish to get a discount with your first order, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter with which you get the code and stay in touch with me.

I’ll be reaching out to you with interesting topics I stumble across, my favourite songs, motivational quotes, occasionally DIY tutorials and freebies, special offers and much more…

Thank you for being with me on this journey called living! I appreciate it more than you may think!

With love, Morja


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