Model: Tinkara Lednik

In the middle of april, Tinkara wrote to me telling me she has some old shirts they don’t wear anymore and smaller fabric pieces; she asked me to transform them into something new. And I was very happy about her request – hearing people, considering giving second chances to their old clothes, it makes my heart sing. Thank you. Remember – little things count!

Tinkara // For me I’d say that I’m open, communicative and curious person, but mostly an artist. I like different kinds of art; from theater to fine art and music, where I feel most free. I’ve been surrounded by music from young age, when I first held flute in my arms. We never parted since. <3 I’m driven by the thought of succeedeing and being happy.

What means the most to me is meeting wonderful people, friends on this journey called life. Making memories that will last forever. After all, it is the little things that count. Such as meeting Zala.

Making people happy with your work is the most beautiful thing to do in the world. And with your shirt, you brought joy to me, too. The shirt fits me as if you’ve known me since ever. Wearing it, I feel free, playful and most importantly – happy. This is my story, and you are a part of it too!


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