It’s been a while since I painted with a brush, so I grabbed my acrylic colours and with memories of my 2nd year of BA studies and the class of Colour theories, picked up some waste cardboard and papers from the corner of my studio and just started to create.

When we were mixing our own colours at class, there would always be some paint left at the end and I never wanted to just throw it away; I’d grab some random paper and painted it in short strokes; saving it for later to use it as thank-you & happy-birthday cards or just random illustration arts. It was a really relaxing process.

This time we had a themed project at our MA class of Creative theories under mentorship of D. Kirbi┼í titled ‘‘100 days’’. 100 days of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, or whatever we find important to us.

I love how the project made me explore my own style of creating, going deeper in colour, textures, contrasts. Being very spontaneous and going by my feelings.

Why fish? Well first of all - there was this weird shaped cardboard in which a shirt was secured, and while painting something else on it, later I saw a weird looking fish in it, I added a fin, some pouted lips and voila what a cute colourful fish we got here now.

And then I just started to see fishes everywhere; these beautiful creatures of the sea. I’ve been amazed by coral reefs since I can remember. I always had this dream of diving in one, one day. But the situation now - corals dying, colourful (and other) fishes becoming extinct… It’s just horrible and it makes me sad. So I wanted to bring up some awareness of these creatures of the sea that are so important for our ecosystem. Just like every other living creature; a swimmer, a walker or a flyer. Oh right and of course, all the soil-divers too!

The project is definitely not over yet and will be continued with time.


For making the fishes I did different styles; from sewing together waste paper and cardboards into collages; some papers I painted with acrylic colours. The other style was using a special kind of paint to colour fish on paper and then under high temperature and pressure sublime them onto polyester waste textiles. With each transformation the colours faded away a little bit.


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