Model: Maja, Aljaž, Ana and Zala
Photo: Anja Papuga

‘‘A walk down memory lane’’ is a story about dreams, longing, life and transience.

These stories I wrote down into four poems and put to music with help of my brother Aljaž and musical friend Nejc.

You can listen to EP titteled ‘‘Sprehod med spomini’’ here

I also created a digital collage book that I later printed out on vintage textile, which connects all emotions and feelings with imagery.

Thank you for your assistance Maja Gazvoda, and lovely MUA & hair Špela Hudobivnik.

This project was created as my 1st year MA studies in textile design class under mentorship of Jenko Marija, Katja Burger Kovič and Arijana Gadžijev, at Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering in year 2020/2021, Ljubljana and was presented for public as part of Textile art biennial BIEN 2021 in Layer house in Kranj. (26.5.2021 – 14.8.2021)


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