Model: Maja Gazvoda
Photo: Zala Hrastar
Assistant: Ela Mejač
Styling: Zala Hrastar

Cvetka represents a person who accepts the state of being unwanted, the stage of not belonging somewhere or to someone and still seeing through all of it, becoming something more. Not giving up. Blooming in its own way.

This emotion also reflects in the materials used; the pullover was an unwanted damaged knitted piece, and so were the grey trimmings of the coat. The ”vases” are empty bottles, wanted only when full. And the roses, mostly adored when colored blue or pink. Now dull brown. Yet together, they form a perfect symphony with the light and shadow.

Digital photo collages were made by me in collaboration with Karin Moder and Lucia Jamnik, who took the lookbook photos.

*The collection was made under the mentorship of prof. Almira Sadar, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering.


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