This is a short story, maybe not even that. It’s a remembering. Yes. A remembering of my grandmother and her aprons. And my three favourite words I learned from Ana. Čižme, čibe and škreblni. 

Well to be honest, those specific aprons captured in the images were not hers, but that’s not the point. The point is what they awoke in me; which is memories of my grandmother. Yes. 

Ana was a great woman; a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a cousin. A mother, a wife, a grandmother and a grand grandmother. She was a working woman. She loved us, and we loved her. And she loved her soil too. Her meadows and her fields. 

And the aprons you know; you’d barely ever seen her without wearing one. Ever. It was like her uniform. A uniform of a loving woman. Of a simple woman with a giant heart. And I will always remember her.


*Scroll right up till the end and there is mimi me with grandma Ana.

Dictionary: FERTAH - apron / ČIŽME - shoes / ČIBE - chickens / ŠKREBLNI - dried apples

*Maja is wearing a patchwork shirt and dress made by me from worn out second hand flanel and cotton shirts.

click on the illustrated images to see chickens, apples and shoes in motion

*Shots were taken one February morning near the area where my grandmother was raised.

Me with my grandmother Ana few days after my birth.


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