In 2018 the National Gallery of Slovenia marked its 100th anniversary with an exhibition of life and work of Ivana Kobilca, one of the most famous Slovenian artists of all time.

For this occasion, Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering collaborated with the gallery, giving us students open hands to creating our own interpretations of artists work.

For the project I explored I. Kobilca private life and her art work. On one side I focused on different kinds of illustration of her work through my hands; from hand illustration to digital illustration and jacquard woven textile illustration. I also did a hand-woven portrait. On the other side, I played with collaging her artworks with a very spontanious ripping of the paper.

I was inspired by her saying ‘vse sem hotela videti …’ which I also included in the final design. Exposing and hiding the eyes - do you see the wonders of the world too?

Two of my designs were sellected by the National Gallery in Ljubljana to be printed on notebook covers, which are available in the museums shop.

Mentor: Katja Burger Kovič, Arijana Gadžijev, Marija Jenko


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