Watch a slow fashion film starring Špela Košir, Kresna Dara, Maja Gazvoda, Dana Rohkeus Verč, Zala Maja Ravnihar

Directed and Produced by Zala Hrastar | Executive Producer Tilen Račič

Music composer, sound record and edit Aljaž Hrastar

Clothing Morja Zala | (Shirt) illustrations Jovana Đukić | Accessories Enja Grabrijan

Hair and MUA artist Špela Hudobivnik˙, Dana Rohkeus Verč

1st assistant Ana Krklec | Styling assistant Ela Mejač | Set assistant: Rebeka Pajek | BTS and set assistance: Anja Papuga

Found in the dimension of clarity, holiness, gentleness. I awaken my consciousness, I am carried by a notion of transparency. Whiteness, which is tenderness. Freedom. Lightness.

I am not all in white, I don’t see myself like that. I need a touch of warmth. I long for your hands intertwined with mine.

In the vastness of the world, I am called by your voice. You show it to me as it is. And there are feelings I cannot describe in words. And so, I just am.

Yellow, which is content. Liveliness and joy. Warmth. A sincere smile. A field of sunflowers.

Green, which is stability. Calm and strong. Growth. A shiny bud of awakening nature and ancient forest.

Blue, which is freedom. Depth and safety. Laughter. Spaciousness of a wild ocean and endlessness of the sky.

Brown, which is balance. Silence and solitude. Soft chatter. Autumn forest, drawn into sleep.

Red, which is determination. Strength and passion. Confidence and sensuality. My inner world; turbulent and intensive.

My inner voice calls me into the vast world abundant with the colors of our feelings. The inner voice, which knows the depth of it all. Which sees life as it is.

And life is a palette of colors.


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