Model: Hana Podvršič
Photo: Zala Hrastar
Makeup: Sara Živič
Assistant: Miha Skrt
Styling: Zala Hrastar

Rozalija, inspired by colorful Salvation Mountain by Leonard Knight in California Desert Area, USA and clothing details and sillhuetes of the 50s, was designed as my 3rd years’ final collection as a student of Textile and fashion design at the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering under the mentorship of prof. Almira Sadar.

As our main theme was Collaboration, I collaborated with knitting studio Pislak and salon Velana Living, both giving me their waste materials; either waste material cuts or damaged materials that can’t be used in the following process.

Rozalija represents patchwork of everything that I dream of, think of and believe in. She spreads good vibrations, positivity, environmental consciousness of the fast fashion industry and any other industry that impacts our Mother Nature in a bad way.


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